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Six Texas Border Patrol Stations to be Closed

Posted by madjillmom on July 11, 2012

Because it isn’t about law enforcement, sovereign borders, and security, it’s about VOTES.

Texas has the largest border area of any state. Illegals are picked up all the time throughout Texas.  But now Obama has issued an edict that says we won’t deport.  We will quasi-legalize those people.  Already, I have read things about how lax the authorities will be with even the new rules suggestions that Obama has set out.  Don’t worry it you didn’t get here by 16.  Don’t worry if you are over 30.  Go ahead and stay.  We will give you a work permit, in-state tuition, healthcare, and some extra welfare to boot.

Is this the best place to cut?  Why 6 stations in Texas and only three others outside of Texas.  (Obama doesn’t like Texas.) The Dems would rather cut the military and security so they can advertise food stamps and welfare. This sucks.


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