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Olympic Uniform for the USA

Posted by madjillmom on July 14, 2012

First, someone contracts, without bid process, to designer Ralph Lauren, noted Democratic donor and Obama supporter, to design the uniforms for our Olympic team.  He designs some pretty awful, militaristic suits with berets.  He charges exorbitant prices.  $800 500 for blazers, $500 400 for skirts, etc.  Then they are produced in China. Now the Dems are mad. Harry Reid wants them burned.  Chuck Shumer is pissed.  The Dems outsource the USA Olympic uniforms.  This is so funny.

Ralph Lauren says the next Olympic uniforms will be made in America. Will they cost more or less than the current ripoff? Does he have a lock on the next Olympic uniforms?  Why does he think he will make the next uniforms?

I am also amused at the descriptions I have heard for the uniforms.  Someone said military meets Che Guevara. As a supporter of the military, I do not think that Olympic uniforms should have militaristic overtones.


One Response to “Olympic Uniform for the USA”

  1. Kay Taylor said

    Were they this pissed off when the Army berets were made in China?

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