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Criminal Flash Mobs Didn’t Do it Alone Either

Posted by madjillmom on July 18, 2012

There are more and more reports of criminal flash mobs taking over stores, reeking havoc, stealing, and harassing patrons and employees.  This past weekend, a Walmart in Florida and an Albertson’s in Oregon were hit by the mostly youthful and mostly black mobs.

Taking a page out of Obama’s playbook, I want to tell these thugs that they aren’t successful in this havoc and mischief because they are smarter and harder working than the rest of us.  No, someone else shares in your success.  It wasn’t just you grabbing that bag of M & M’s, the government was there to help you.  After all, you are bored.  You don’t have a job.  And even more, the government is paying for your cell phone so you can use social media to call together lots of other unemployed youth to address these issues in a very public way.  The government helped all along the way.  They built the roads and sidewalks you traveled to liberate those sodas from the corporate evil that owned them.  The Obama administration recently gutted Welfare to Work programs so you can now probably put down “participated in flash mob” as your work process for the week. Years and years of government funds sucked down the hole call “war on poverty” has resulted in broken families, broken morals, broken towns, broken communities.

Remember, you didn’t do this alone.  The government helped.  We all work together to tear up a Walmart.


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