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Obama’s Jobs Council

Posted by madjillmom on July 18, 2012

Politico actually publishes something that tells us Obama is all about the show, not the results.  Obama like to very publicly announce commissions and councils that are supposed to help things.  A few flashy meetings later, not much happens. This post is about the Jobs and Competitiveness Council.  The article points out the lack of follow-up to institute any of the recommendations.  It also points out how several of the grand “poobahs” on the council outsource jobs.  This is a particular interest to me since my husband was laid of by American Express.  American Express continues to quietly lay off people without much fanfare as this would embarrass the President and Ken Chenault. (By the way, American Express has every right to lay of my husband. It is a great company to work for. I just wish they would announce their layoffs rather than hide them. My husband is not a victim of an evil corporation, he is a victim of a crappy economy.)

PresBO has instituted a wage and hiring freeze that he ignores while growing the executive branch by Czars and councils.  He asks for answers and then ignores them.  It isn’t about results, it’s about the flash of press reports that tell us Obama is pivoting to jobs once again.  The only job he is really concerned about is his.


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