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Screaming on the Inside

Aurora Batman Tragedy and Terrorism

Posted by madjillmom on July 20, 2012

It is such a shame that there is such senseless violence in this world.  When PresBO was informed this morning, he was told that it was not terrorism related.  I find it amazing that there is such a rush to say that it is not terror related.  I believe that the powers that be are trained to say that no matter what the situation.  This does not inspire confidence in those who are supposed to keep us safe.

Now, PresBO is calling together many high level people including the National Security Advisors, the FBI, and lots of others.  They will have a meeting this afternoon.  There will be pictures issued of the President looking somber and concerned. This is because he needs to look like he is doing something about this.  He really can’t do anything, but we have to have a big show.

Yes this is terrorism.  Probably not Islamic terrorism. Quick, let’s do some stuff to make us all feel better.  Call a meeting.  Make a few statements.  Await the usual rush to judgement.  All is senseless when someone is deranged and does such an awful thing.


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