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Obama and the Vets

Posted by madjillmom on July 26, 2012

PresBO has an “unexpected” stop at a Portland diner and sits down with some veterans who just happen to be there.  What a wonderful moment.  He talks with them and they are all really concerned that Obamacare remain in place.  Wow.  Isn’t that amazing. Not really so amazing.  They were planted there by the campaign.  The campaign had to come clean afterwards.  I have a veteran or two Obama should have a talk with.  He doesn’t have the guts. Hopefully Obama picked up their tab, unlike the last time he used the military for a prop.

Remember when Pres. Bill Clinton was walking along the foreign beach and there just happened to be a pile of rocks.  He thoughtfully placed the rocks in the shape of a cross, honoring the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy.  Gosh, that was a great moment, too. Just as fake.

Maybe in a couple of days, the Obama campaign can bring in some small businessmen who really want Obamacare and more government regulations.  Obama can meet with them, talk with them, and make-believe he know what small businesses need.



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