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Obama’s Dream Act Fiat and the Money

Posted by madjillmom on August 16, 2012

Yesterday was the first day that young illegals could apply for the two-year program of work permits given out by Obama for political graft.  The original figure for those eligible was 800,000, then 1.4 million, and is now hovering around 2 million.  I doubt we will hear how many apply for the graft.  Whatever the amount or applications, the $500 charge will not be able to provide real oversight for the documentation the will be “required” for proof of residency.  The backlog of cases will cause severe delays in the actual processing of these cases.  Soon, there will be an announcement that the program is so popular that the initial applicants will be given work permits up front, before verification, because the process will take so long that this is the only thing that can be done.  By the way, what government agency is handling this process? How many people have they hired? For that matter, how is the backlog of legal immigration coming along?

Meanwhile, this give-away by PresBO will spawn a whole new group of flea market vendors selling fake High School transcripts and rent receipts and such as official documentation for the program give-away   Then just like the IRS gives tax refunds for special give-aways to prisoners and such, the documents will be accepted and not verified.  Just like the IRS took thousands of applications for Federal ID numbers from the same address without any alarm bells going off.

Also, Obama is giving out grants to community programs like ACORN to help with the process. These organizations will produce lots more documentation just like ACORN did to help with voter fraud.  They will probably be a one stop shop for documentation and registration.  All courtesy of the taxpayer’s dime.


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