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Afghanistan is a Mess – Obama Might Make a Phone Call

Posted by madjillmom on August 21, 2012

Things in Afghanistan are going from terrible to “almost on Obama’s radar”. Two weeks ago, high level personnel were killed in an attack not mentioned in the press. Last week, another helicopter downed, too many killed. There was a passing reference in the news. Now, General Dempsey’s plane was hit at Bagram. Minor ripples in Obamaworld. 40 killed by those we are “training”. Things are going great. The weak surge has surged, the numbers of troops are reduced, the numbers of casualties goes up. The news isn’t interested. Obama isn’t interested. I am about to have our three sons in the military. Two are already in the Army, and our second son is joining the Air Force next week. We take him to Basic on Monday. Our oldest will probably deploy to Afghanistan next May or June. Goody. I know two young men who are deployed now and two more who will deploy in November. How much longer will this half-assed war continue? Afghanistan can’t be fixed. Obama doesn’t care. He is too busy running for a second term. He doesn’t have enough time to play golf and concern himself with gutting the military by sequestration.


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