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Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Posted by madjillmom on August 21, 2012

Gen. Dempsey’s plane hit at Bagram Airbase. Afghanistan War is going badly. We need to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Several towns and cities are declaring bankruptcy. We must see Romney’s tax returns.

Sequestration of the military budget will kill over a million jobs in the private sector. We must have access to Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He could have a Swiss bank account.

GM is a zombie and is going bankrupt again. Mitt Romney might not have paid enough in taxes.

Obama didn’t make the call to kill bin Laden. He was pushed by Hillary and Panetta, who had to go around Valerie Jarrett. Oh, my goodness, Mitt Romney is a rich guy.

Someone in the Obama administration is leaking secrets. Obama is offended that someone might accuse his administration of leaking for politics. Mitt Romney isn’t releasing 12 years of taxes.

Drought is hammering ranchers, farmers, and consumers. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don’t pay enough in taxes.

Obama has softball interviews with People and Us Weekly type publications. Tells us how concerned he is that Mitt Romney is a rich guy who doesn’t pay his share.

Gas prices going up again. Mitt Romney is only revealing two years of income tax.

Unemployment went up in 44 states last month.  Mitt Romney is a rich guy who may have an offshore account, and who doesn’t pay his share.


One Response to “Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns”

  1. Jeff said

    I love it! I still need to go see that Dinesh D’Souza movie 2016. Dinesh posted an article back on September 9, 2010 on Forbes website. It was brilliant and pointed out a lot of things I didn’t consider. Check it out.

    You might want to read it before you see the movie.

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