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Mitt’s Charity Begins at Home

Posted by madjillmom on August 31, 2012

The very touching stories of Mitt Romney’s kind and generous soul were wonderful last night. I believe he is not just a latter-day saint, but a modern-day saint also. I recently asked my sister if she knew the name of Obama’s half-sister. I don’t. She didn’t. I do not remember her ever being pointed out in all the footage we have seen of Obama.  While I do not think that he has to take care of all his half siblings on his father’s side, it is strange that we do not know anything about the one sibling he was raised with.  I haven’t ever read Obama’s biographies with his composite girlfriends and family.  But one quote I have heard is about Obama standing by while his mother fought with her insurance company about some treatment for breast cancer.  At the time, Obama was a grown man and a lawyer.  Why wasn’t he making the call for his mother?  Did he write letters appealing whatever ruling the evil insurance company made?  I doubt it.Pres. Obama is a distant kind of guy. Not what I would call caring in the usual sense.  Could someone step forward and give a wonderful story about Obama the man going above and beyond to help someone?  No, I do not think so.

In Obama’s world, the government is the helping hand, the source of benefits, the saint provided courtesy of the 50% of Americans who do pay taxes. In Mitt’s world, the job is up to the people of your church, the people you work with, the people of your community. Mitt must have a heart of gold.


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