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Who Was the First Lady Talking About

Posted by madjillmom on September 5, 2012

I saw part of Michelle Obama’s speech last night.

1. Wonder how much that dress cost? Will she ever be modest about those arms?

2. I am pretty sure she didn’t thank us for funding her 16 vacations.

3. She portrays Obama as a Ghandi figure, not interested in corporate jobs, only in it for what he can do for the masses. I can’t wait until he givea his convention acceptance in a nice white diaper.

4. She told us Obama doesn’t care if you are Republican, he will listen to good ideas from anyone. That isn’t what the New York Times said about him this past weekend. He does think he is smarter than anybody else, so why listen to those stupid Republicans.

5. Obama needs more time to keep all the lofty promises he gave his adoring subjects in 2008.

6. He won’t let anyone in the military down. Yet, he hasn’t done a thing but cut the military and has no plan to keep sequestration from gutting the military. Before he was Commander in Chief, did he know anybody in the active military?

7. She didn’t mention Solyndra, the brand spanking new $16 billion in debt, the stunning amount of people on food stamps, the unemployment statistics, the sexual harassers on Homeland Security payroll, Fast and Furious, or the price of gasoline at the pump.


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