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Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and his Priorities USA

Posted by madjillmom on September 6, 2012

Yesterday, Rahm Emanuel announce that he will be stepping down as co-chair of the Obama campaign and will instead join up with Priorities USA, the Obama super PAC that recently ran a truth challenged ad implying Romney was responsible for a woman’s death from cancer.  Obama and campaign ran from the ad but did not denounce it and Priorities USA.

Is this change because Rahm sees the handwriting on the wall and wants to be somewhere else when/if Obama looses? Is he changing because he can now totally ignore the truth and run ads accusing Romney of anything? Do they who railed against the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling now run into the open arms of an evil super PAC?

Chicago is a city where shootings and murders abound, where teachers are going on strike, where union pensions are bankrupting the city, where Louis Farrakhan is welcome, but Chick-Fil-A is not. I would wonder why Rahm Emanuel has any time on his hands to work for Obama or Priorities USA.  It seems to me that Rahm should get his priorities straight and work a lot harder to fix Chicago, a full-time job if I ever saw one.


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