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People Obama has Helped

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2012

I missed the speeches last night where members of Obama’s Trinity Church, run by Rev. Wright, told touching stories of how Obama stood by them while they watched their children struggle with an illness and impending death.  I missed the part where Michele and Barack brought over Thanksgiving Dinner to the homes of these struggling families.

I did hear that he wants 30-year-old struggling law students who went abroad last summer with their rich boyfriend to have free contraception. I did read how his platform wants no restrictions on abortions right up until birth. And yesterday, I read the email of a mother of a disable soldier who has been told there is a snafu with his benefits and it will take 6 months to reinstitute the checks. Maybe I could give him the name of that soldier and he could go over their and promise a well run government that really cares about it wounded warriors.


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