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Obama/Biden and the Jobs Council

Posted by madjillmom on September 8, 2012

Remember a few months ago when we learned that Obama’s much vaunted Jobs Council, the wise minds he called together to give him counsel on the best way for government to help create jobs, hasn’t met with him since January. Well, not only has he not met with them, but neither he or Biden have read any of the recommendations from this vaunted council. You see, they recommend a “Territorial Tax” as a good way to help American companies be competitive and grow. So Biden, known as Sheriff Joe Plugs for not letting any stimulus money get misused and wasted, spoke of this tax as a bad Romney plan the other night at the Democrat’s Convention.

Obama and Biden are both idiots. Everyone on the jobs council should send in their resignations (including Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express, the company my husband worked at for 28 years until he was laid off last year. He still works for American Express, but as a temporary worker with no benefits.)

Obama has no earthly idea how to be business friendly so that jobs are created. He rarely meets with his Cabinet and the Jobs Council is only window dressing. Kinda like the Simpson Bowles Commission Report that Obama/Biden didn’t fight for or probably even read. Evidently, Obama was cleaning off his desk the other day and he found a dusty copy of their recommendations. So he mentioned his “support” of the recommendations in his acceptance speech.  Both Simpson and Bowles fell out of their chairs after a strange coughing fit overtook them.


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