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All the President’s Men and Women

Posted by madjillmom on September 10, 2012

Obama has Ploufe Problems – Why would a fairly obscure guy receive $100,000 speaking fee (way higher than a normal fee for someone like him) from a telecomm company that does business in Iran only one month before going on the government payroll? Because that is a way to get to Obama.

Valerie Jarrett – PresBO’s closest advisor, the woman who controls access to PresBO, the woman who talked Obama out of going after UBL three times before Panneta and Hillary figured out how to go around her.  She has secret service detail.  Why?

Thomas Donilon – Obama’s National Security Advisor – likely leaker of security stuff that makes Obama look macho – helped plunder Fannie Mae under Franklin Raines, getting a pension from Fannie Mae even though he is only 55 – was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae until 2005, Fannie Mae is being bailed out to the tune of 20 billion, a black hole in our nations government.  His wife is Chief of Staff to Jill Biden and his brother is Counselor to the VP Joe Biden.

Can’t someone at least ask Jay Carney or PresBO about these people that surround Obama? Or are they off-limits like Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright?  The New York Times is bringing some of this us.  So now even the lap-dog reporters have permission to softball a few in.


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