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Tax the Rich and Call Me In the Morning

Posted by madjillmom on September 10, 2012

Obama is running around the country with a new funny line.  He says Republicans/Romney/Ryan only answer to the economy is tax cuts.  Got a headache, take two tax cuts, cut some regulations and call me in the morning. LOL. Remember when his favorite funny thing was the car in the ditch thing.  Then he went all “moving forward, not stopping, not asking directions” at the end of his acceptance speech. All I could think was moving forward, not stopping, off the cliff that is our debt.

So, let’s turn it around. Obama has only one prescription for what ails us:

  • Got 16 trillion in debt, tax the rich.
  • Got 15% unemployment/underemployment? Tax the rich.
  • Need to do something about sequestration? No problem, tax the rich.
  • Government running out of money? Tax the rich.
  • Teacher Strike in Chicago? Tax Buffett and me.
  • Things will be great just like in the 90’s if we just tax the rich. I’m just like Clinton, except for that moderate thing.
  • Stimulus didn’t work.  Solydra was a bad gamble like a lot of others. No problem, just tax the rich.
  • Just got back from a great trip abroad with your boyfriend, and can’t afford $9 for your birth control.  Don’t worry, I really want to tax the rich. That will fix women’s issues because Romney hates women and Ryan will cause more women to die in the emergency room.

Remember, taxing the rich will result in 8 days of money for our bloated government.  This won’t make a difference and will result in lower tax revenues.  That means more unemployment. Meanwhile, Obama/Biden are driving us right off the cliff. The pot is calling the kettle black.  Whoops, that is racist.


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