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Obama’s Apology Tour Continues In Egypt

Posted by madjillmom on September 11, 2012

Today, much of the “peaceful” Muslim world is getting all worked up over some video produced in the United States that slams Islam. So now, ugly bearded men who worship with hate are tearing down the US flag at our Embassy in Cairo, the home of the Arab Spring that Obama was so thrilled about. The Embassy in Libya is burning and an American has been killed. All because of a cartoon blog video, In answer to these attacks on American soil, the State Department started apologizing for our freedom of speech. Of course, this just makes them madder. Islamists are taking power from moderates all over the world. They hate us and everything we stand for. Our Embassies are at risk, and our military is at greater risk. Obama and Hillary’s answer, apologize for our freedoms.

Like K’hammer said. “Tell them all to go to hell.” Call that asshat Morsi and tell him he won’t know where or when, but we will get him if he doesn’t take action immediately.

Grow some balls and a spine. Ask Valerie Jarrett “Pretty please, let me stand up to these guys, huh?”

If you don’t get it, making nice with these backward idiots doesn’t make them like us. They hate us. They think there are only two good kinds of infidels, converted or dead. They want us to live the way they live. Stupidly. If you think Obama and Hillary use smart diplomacy, why don’t you get a job in an Embassy in the Middle East.

Please remember, these are two new 9/11 attacks. What will Obama do? Campaign.


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