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Two Acts of War – Three Dead

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Two attacks on America on the anniversary of 9/11.  Three Americans killed in Libya, including the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Libya, where some of our smart diplomacy was “working”.

Obama and Hillary, thrilled with the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, stiff arm Mubarak out. Mubarak was flawed to be sure. But he was a friendly. There were young people in the street, demanding greater freedoms.  What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. Now there is a fat, ugly Pres. Morsi, an Islamist who kisses Iran’s butt.  The young have less freedoms, the military that we fund is neutered, Coptic Christians are being killed, and the Embassy is under attack. Obama, Biden (the foreign policy booster put on the ticket, LOL), and Hillary were so sure of everything.  After all, they are the smartest three people in America.

Then, there is an uprising in Libya. Obama and our military to the rescue. Can’t sort out who is who, but want to get Ghadafi out. Promise it will only be a few weeks. Gather a coalition. Bomb the government forces because we are told there is a genocide. Not a few weeks, more like 6 months.  Ghadafi shot in a ditch by rag-tag insurgents. Big checks going from US to Libya that now barely has a government. Some more of that smart diplomacy. Flash forward to now. Embassy attacked, Ambassador killed with two others. First default of Administration, apologize for offending the ugly bearded men who hate us.

Don’t even get started on Syria, where Asad (son of a crazy dictator who killed 20,000 of his own citizens) was considered to be a moderate reformer by Hillary.  10,000 + dead and almost a year of killing, a true genocide, and a civil war born while we offer the usual sanctions and UN letters. I guess this means Obama has learned his lesson. thank Allah for on-the-job training. They didn’t teach this stuff in Community Organizer School.

As all Islamic extremists hit the streets, burning Bush Obama in effigy, killing other Muslims and hoping to score another Ambassador, or the brave Marines outside the Embassy, or maybe some soldiers in Afghanistan. All because there was a movie somewhere and Islam is an intolerant religion.

Meanwhile, let’s diss Israel and Netanyahu. Let’s let Iran get stronger. Let’s let their young take to the streets and hear no words of encouragement from the great orator Obama.

A movie about Mohammed hurts their feelings. Too damn bad.


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