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Obama Says “It isn’t aimed at us” through Carney

Posted by madjillmom on September 14, 2012

PresBO and his administration are jumping through hoops to tell us the protesters and murdering mobs attacking us aren’t really mad at us.  It is just that damn movie.  Hillary keeps apologizing for the movie.

Dear President Obama:

It isn’t the movie. The movie is not the issue. They hate us. They want us converted or dead. You have already put a target on the movie makers head by outing him. It is easy to jinn them up with almost anything. Back in the day, it was Doris Day that made them hate us.  Big deal. They will always find a reason to hate us. They are stupid and can’t be reasoned with. Stop trying to blame the movie and take a step into reality. They hate us, still want to knock down our building with planes, want our women to wear burkas, want us to pray to Mecca five times a day, want Sharia law to supercede our Constitution, etc…

Oh, and by the way, they hate you, too. Come our of campaign mode and smell the tear gas. They hate all jews. They will cheer when Iran nukes Israel, even if the fallout kills them. They want Christians dead and often do kill them. Please, for the sake of our future, get this.

Remember, George Bush called Mitt Romney and they made all this happen. You don’t have to wake up from your “I won a second term” dream.



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