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If it is Bad News for Obama, Will the MSM Report

Posted by madjillmom on September 19, 2012

If another downgrade occurs while Romney is being lambasted over comments that the White House later agrees with, will the MSM report it?

If a Cabinet Secretary violates the Hatch act by campaigning during work, will the MSM ask Carney for her head on a platter? No, it won’t help Obama and his re-election.

If a Fast and Furious report says Holder is in the clear, will the networks actually run a real story on it, finally? Will they ask about the people who are resigning when they haven’t given a flip about it for the last year and a a half?  Yes to the first, no to the last.

If the unemployment number falls, does the MSM report that it is due mostly to large amounts of people giving up?

If the polls are skewed to Democrats, and it favors Obama, does the Lame Stream Media take this into account?

If one of your reporters tweets the Obama campaign website, does the management even pretend to be aghast?  No, but Romney wears funny underwear.

If the much ballyhooed Occupy Wall Street becomes embarrassing to the Dems that adored and supported it, will the MSM report the rapes, the trash, and the terrorist attacks planned by OWS participants?

If the President made a speech at a dinner in LA attended by radicals who hate Israel, will the LA Times ever release the recording?


If the Main Stream Media evolves into political hacks for the left, will anyone believe them anymore?



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