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Obama Likes to Advertise

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2012

Pres. Obama really likes to advertise. Advertising seems like a capitalist concept that he is really in to.

  • He really likes to attend fund raisers with celebrities so he can spend campaign funds on advertising.
  • He thinks it is a good idea to advertise to get more people to go on food stamps because 47,000,000 isn’t enough.  Novel idea. Yet strangely, he is greatly offended when he is called the Food Stamp President.
  • He used the late Andy Griffith to advertise Obamacare.  It didn’t help and it made me think so much less of good old Andy.
  • He is now advertising in Pakistan telling the peaceful protestors that we don’t denigrate religion and that freedom of speech has a big downside. Funny, he regularly denigrated Catholic principles and bitter people clinging to their religion.  Wonder if he thinks the people of Pock-ee-stan cling to their religion while they burn Obama in effigy.
  • Remember those big signs telling us that projects were funded by Obama’s Stimulus

Of course, it is pretty easy to like advertising.  Especially when 4 of the 5 listed are using taxpayer’s money to do so.


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