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It Was the Movie, Not Terror Attack

Posted by madjillmom on September 17, 2012

It was just a protest about an offensive little YouTube video that got out of hand. Not really a planned terror attack. The peacefully protesting mob just happened to have a couple or RPGs, and they just happened to know the Ambassador was at the Consulate in Benghazi, and they also just happened to know where the safe house was. All totally brought about by a video on YouTube. This is the top-down meme that truly believes if it is repeated enough, people might fall for it.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice even went so far as to say Ambassador Rice had enough security.

This is the same administration that wants to call 9/11 a man-made disaster. This is the same administration that called the Ft. Hood Massacre work place violence. This is the same group of people who told us the underwear bomber had no help, that he just developed an underwear bomb on his own. Same with the Times Square Bomber.  If they can keep telling us that it is lone wolf attacks, or thwarted attacks, they are doing their job.

They cannot admit to a planned and executed terrorists attack on an insecure Embassy property in a country we have bent over backward to help just a few weeks out from our election. It doesn’t fit the narrative that Obama’s policies are working and the Muslims of the world really do like us because of Obama.

Why can’t they just tell the truth? The truth doesn’t make them look competent.

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Worrying About a Movie – What about the UBL Movie?

Posted by madjillmom on September 15, 2012

Most of this awful week, PresBO and Hillary have repeatedly gone to the “Its the movie’s fault, Stupid.” This has been so very much in evidence, up to and including the DOJ outing the movie maker, the police picking up the movie maker, and constant references to the movie as vile and reprehensible.  The Obama administration has even tried to censor this movie that they blame for all the violence. OK, the movie is awful, it makes the peaceful Muslims run out and kill Ambassadors, they don’t hate us, they hate this silly movie.

What about the other movie coming our soon. You know, the one the Obama administration leaked secrets to the movie makers about the UBL raid. The one that makes Obama look good.  Let’s see how the peaceful Muslims feel about a movie glorifying the killing of UBL. If they get offended by this, will they try to censor the movie, arrest the movie makers, pull the trailer from YouTube? Did they think about how this movie will hurt the peaceful Muslims feelings while they were handing out classified information to the movie makers? Who will they blame if riots happen over this movie? What if more Soldiers, Marines, Seals, or Diplomats are killed when this homage to Obama killing UBL comes to the screen.

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Free Speech Rights Out – Censorship In

Posted by madjillmom on September 14, 2012

We offend Islamic Extremists. So the Obama Administration outs the movie maker and then goes to Youtube and tries to get the movie pulled because it offends Muslims. This action should offend everyone who loves American and the Constitution. Evidently, the White House and the “Constitutional Law Professor” think that this part of the Constitution isn’t really good enough for the bind Obama finds himself in. Let’s suspend the 1st Amendment, at least for the rest of the campaign. Aren’t all of Obama’s issues somehow related to the election and not for the betterment of America.

“I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the Ambassador’s Death your right to say it, but not when I am in a close election.” Pres. Barack Obama.

Freedom of Speech is not bound by freedom from offense. I was offended by everything that Occupy Wall Street did, but they had the right to express themselves. It offends me when someone who is an American burns the flag, but it is protected by our Constitution. Every movie made in the last few years featuring Will Ferrell offends me. So what.

If I try to censor something, it isn’t a big deal.  Government censorship is a big deal.

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Obama Says “It isn’t aimed at us” through Carney

Posted by madjillmom on September 14, 2012

PresBO and his administration are jumping through hoops to tell us the protesters and murdering mobs attacking us aren’t really mad at us.  It is just that damn movie.  Hillary keeps apologizing for the movie.

Dear President Obama:

It isn’t the movie. The movie is not the issue. They hate us. They want us converted or dead. You have already put a target on the movie makers head by outing him. It is easy to jinn them up with almost anything. Back in the day, it was Doris Day that made them hate us.  Big deal. They will always find a reason to hate us. They are stupid and can’t be reasoned with. Stop trying to blame the movie and take a step into reality. They hate us, still want to knock down our building with planes, want our women to wear burkas, want us to pray to Mecca five times a day, want Sharia law to supercede our Constitution, etc…

Oh, and by the way, they hate you, too. Come our of campaign mode and smell the tear gas. They hate all jews. They will cheer when Iran nukes Israel, even if the fallout kills them. They want Christians dead and often do kill them. Please, for the sake of our future, get this.

Remember, George Bush called Mitt Romney and they made all this happen. You don’t have to wake up from your “I won a second term” dream.


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Optimists and Diplomats

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

I have read some stuff about the murdered Ambassador. First, he was in the Peace Corps. I wonder how many people in the Diplomatic Corps volunteered for the Peace Corps?  I am going to guess it is a pretty high percentage. The Secretary of State’s own book, “It Takes a Village” pushes this “together we can make a difference” kind of thought.  Who can be against that?  I guess I can.

I suppose Diplomats are an optimistic lot. They think talk can fix anything.  It can, but it has limits. Particularly when dealing with non-Western people. They come from the Peace Corps, with hands on experience in dealing with the third world.  Provide water wells, teach them to farm, inoculate against disease, learn their language, and they will love and respect you.

There has been much made of how respected this Ambassador Stevens was. He knew the language, he was very hands on. He made a wonderful video about how excited he was to help the Libyans make a new government. He was so optimistic. But was he a realist? Were his eyes open to the ugly underside of where he was? Why was he not at the secured Embassy in Tripoli on 9/11? Why weren’t all Embassies in Islamic countries locked down with extra security on Tuesday? Does everybody have rose-colored glasses from Obama to Biden to Hillary to Stevens?

I know that man was a husband and a father, and I do not like to speak ill of the dead. He apparently was an idealist, and I think this is one reason he is dead. No, it isn’t his fault, but it did play a part. I do not want to blame the victim. Strangely, this phrase usually refers to rape victims, and there is some concern that the Ambassador was raped before he was killed. Can we have a State Department with optimism and realism.  With Peace Corps dreams and pragmatic realism that sees Muslim extremism, Putin’s megalomania, the never-ending fount that feeds the third world with so little to show for it.

Recently, as Hillary has traveled, there have been several reports or her having things thrown at her or other gestures of disrespect. Isn’t this a tip-off to someone of how loved and respected we are. If the world doesn’t love Hillary and Obama, we are really in for some bad times.

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Mohammed Movie and the DOJ

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

Remember when targets placed on congressional districts were inciting crazy young men to shoot Congresswomen. Yeah, well I guess putting a target on someone’s back is OK with the Justice Department.

The maker of the offending film that no one has seen took pains to be incognito. He knew the reaction it would get. He has a right to make any film he likes. He is in American and is probably and American citizen. So now the Justice Department has decided to out the person behind the film. Why? Haven’t they put a target on this guys back. If he turns up dead, will someone ask Attorney General Holder why this was done? In a country where Southpark is the norm, this film is evidently stunning in its awfulness. But again, this is America. We have freedom of speech, though evidently, the Department of Justice has a problem with this part of the Constitution.

Further, it is my understanding that any depiction of Mohammed is blasphemy. Someone can make a movie of Mohammed curing cancer and picking flowers and it could still result in something like this.

Remember, it’s all Romney fault. The MSM and the Obama Administration want to make this about the movie. They continue to stumble around apologizing for it. It’s not the movie, it the Islamists.

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Muslim World Spreads Violence Because of Romney/Bain

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

Romney is rich. Romney once ran Bain. Romney shots first and then aims according to Obama.

We wake this morning to protests and small attacks on American Embassy after American Embassy.  The Muslim world is going after our interests. Our flags are burning. Hillary is still in apologize mode. Obama is campaigning non-stop. The press must ask Romney why he has brought this all down on us.  Romney, you know he is a Mormon, is so obviously responsible for this entire thing. He, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Partiers have infected the Muslim world to do this to embarrass the President in his time of campaign.

This will probably be the take on the MSM.  It would be laughable if it weren’t actually happening.

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Romney Shoots and Hits Target

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Romney criticized the stupid initial response from the Diplomats in Egypt. He was right. Obama thought so to.  The initial statement should not have apologized to the Islamists.

Now Obama accuses Romney of shooting and then aiming. Here we go with the Romney is a Cowboy intent upon putting us into another war.  Yeah, Cowboy is exactly what I think when I study Romney. The Dems want to tell us Romney isn’t delicate enough to handle the Middle East. Maybe he just doesn’t like to see American pushed around, attacked by intolerant Islamist and Al-Qaeda. Maybe he is mad about that, like a lot of us are.

Speaking of shooting and then aiming. No Drama Obama, foreign policy expert Biden, and the smartest woman alive Hillary pushed Mubarak, the guy holding down the Islamists,  out of office, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood had a huge leg up on taking over Egypt.  And that is what happened. Now, for a second day in a row, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for protests outside the US Embassy in Egypt. Maybe Obama/Biden/Hillary should have aimed before they pushed Mubarak out and gave us the new Egypt, where now powerless women wear burkas, where ugly, bearded, stupid men have all the power, and where Christians and diplomats live in fear and are often killed.

Obama’s policies of apologize, appease, and Lead from Behind are not right for this country at this time.


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Romney Lacks Delicacy in Middle East – Good

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Dems/Liberals are telling us that Romney lacks delicacy in dealing with the Middle East.  God, I hope so. Using kid gloves, compliments, and mixed signals has gotten us to this.  Way to go, Obama!

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Reports from Libya

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

There are reports that the people the Libyan so-called government had protecting our Embassy actually told the small (how small?) but vicious group where to find the Ambassador. So, if this is true.  Libyan government agents helped kill the Ambassador.

I have also seen pictures of who I think is the Ambassador and there are reports he was dragged around the area like Somalia. How long ago was that?  So long. So brutal. Why can’t we learn the lesson that they want our money, but not our help. They hate us. Ghadafi was neutered, a bad guy, but neutered. Yes, he was hurting his own people. The pressure got bad and Obama went in. Now, our Ambassador has possibly been dragged through the streets.

If the deaths were as a result of an RPG, why is it said that the Ambassador was suffocated?

Obama, Biden,  and Hillary need to stop running around asking the Islamists to love us. Romney is so right about mixed signals sent.

Also, new reports of Al-Qaeda at the 9/11 protest in Cairo.


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