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Hurricane Sandy and the Nanny State

Posted by madjillmom on October 30, 2012

Bloomberg tells us today that there are no airports, no buses, no subways, no tunnels, no Path Trains, but most importantly, no BIG GULPS. A government that concerns itself with the minor things in life often can’t really help us with the really big things.

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CNN and Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2012

For the last few days I have spent breakfast watching CNN Headline News.  Never saw one report on the ongoing situation of how Obama is ducking questions and his administration is bungling the whole situation. I know Fox is over-covering it, but they are the only one.  If all the networks and cable news outlets do not cover it much, Fox is the only place to go for the information. If it was Bush or a Republican, even CNN HLN would be non-stop demanding answers that to questions about what did they know and when did they know it.

It will be amazing to watch the transformation from MSM/Barack Obama Campaign to actual hectoring press if Romney wins. There will suddenly be hard-hitting questions regarding the most minor of issues. Calls for press conferences, call for firings or resignations, deep probing exposes about crony deals emanating from the White House.  I further predict that there will be some deep probing investigation of Romney even before he becomes President.



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Geraldo Rivera Turns in His Press Card

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2012

I was watching O’Reilly friday night. Geraldo was in no way concerned that other so called journalists haven’t asked Obama the hard questions about Benghazi.  Geraldo somehow felt it was Romney’s job to get Obama to answer questions about it. He seems to think it is ok for Obama to not answer the questions because it is so close to the election. Geraldo give Obama a pass but not Romney. Wow.

People died. It probably could have been avoided in advance or even during the attack. The smoke screen of the video hasn’t been explained by anyone yet. There are heads rolling in the military without explanation. Obama hasn’t held a press conference on the matter. All journalists are running interference for Obama. The press is dead.

Why was Steven in Benghazi? Why was the facility not secure? Why wasn’t help sent? Who did Obama meet with and what was said? Why did Obama go to Vegas? Why are heads rolling in the military? Why can we get drones there but not actual fighter jets? Did the Seals actually kill 60 attackers? Why is the guy who probably headed the attack able to drink frappe in a nearby hotel and be interviewed by the NYT? Was Stevens on a special mission to retrieve gun given to the bad guys?

I hope at least one other head rolls on this thing. Obama’s.

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Proud Mother of Airman Son

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2012

Over the last several days, we have been privileged to see another of our sons take his place in the military.  He has made it through Air Force Basic and is now starting his career in the military.  All three of our sons are now serving our Country and our way of life. There is a chance that all three could be deployed in this coming year.

All three of our sons are Eagle Scouts, College Grads, and now serve in the military. They are all wonderful, smart, and handsome.


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Donald Trumps October Surprise

Posted by madjillmom on October 24, 2012

I am not much of a Trump fan. But, I kinda like this thing he has done today.  He has issued a challenge to pay $5 million to charity of Obama’s choice if he will disclose his college grades and passport information.  The MSM has steadfastly told us Obama is the smartest President ever,  though they seem to have no curiosity about Obama’s grades or course choices. So, now will anyone in the MSM wonder why Obama doesn’t take Trump up on his challenge and help some charity in need? What is there for Obama to lose? Make Trump pay!

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Obama’s New Plan Booklet

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2012

The President has heard the requests to tell us his plan. The campaign has printed up millions of 20 page books two weeks before the election. They will be “delivered” to those who are clueless on the plan. The plan is more of the same, invest/spend, tax the rich, ignore the Republicans and send us hurtling off the cliff all while Michele picks out some new awesome vacation spots for his second term.

If I was the printer of this booklet, I would have asked for the money up front.

A bright shiny blue book, Big Bird, Beghazi, and Binders Full of Women.

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Obama Being Clear on Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2012

At the debate last night, PresBO told Romney that the “one” thing he has learned as President is to be “clear”. Wow. That is the only lesson he has learned.  If he has learned this lesson why has he not been clear on Benghazi? Why hasn’t he come forth with the timeline and what they knew and when they knew it? Because it doesn’t make sense, it will hurt his campaign, and he can’t ever admit a mistake.

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Obama Doesn’t Play by the Rules

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

Every day, Obama goes out and tells people that Romney will allow rich people to play by different rules.  This is not true. However, it is clear that Obama doesn’t play by the same rules as other campaigns for President. He readily accepts donations from foreign sources which is illegal.  For last month, Breitbart is reporting that the Obama campaign reports that over $2 million came in from people too stupid to know their zip codes (otherwise know as illegal foreign influence). How can that be? Well, first you suspend all security in accepting donation so that foreign sources can donate.  Then, you look the other way.  Romney and McCain didn’t use this loophole to accept unverified donations.

So, either donors to Obama are stupid or Obama and his campaign know that this is happening.  Thus they are not playing by the rules. Obama won the last campaign this way, and he and his billion dollars in donations wants to buy the Presidency again.

Plus, there is a report that the UN is endorsing Obama. No coincidence there. Maybe we should check his donation records and see who Putin, Chavez, and the Castro brothers donate to.

Will the Federal Election Committee do something about this? Not likely.

Other funny money questions surrounding Obama:

There was a shortfall of 15 million in donations for the Democrat’s Convention. Where will this money come from? They said they wouldn’t fund with Corporate funds, but they did? Will contractors get stiffed by the Billion Dollar Obama Campaign?

The Obama Campaign borrowed money from the Bank of America last month. Why? They have earned more money than any other campaign ever.

Can Obama buy a $40 million retirement house in Hawaii with his Victory Fund (financed by corporations) if he loses?

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Mitt Romney is Very Handsome

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

I can’t help it. This feeling has been growing over the last few months. He always looks nice in his jeans and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The deciding factor was seeing him at the Al Smith Dinner in white tie and tux or tails. His delivery of joke after joke was Bob Hope but his look was strictly Cary Grant. And as all my friends and family know, that is the penultimate of handsome to me. I am not voting for him because he is handsome, this is just an extra bonus. I just think that I should come clean with an attraction to a 65-year-old man.

By the way, before anyone jumps on me, Obama is also a handsome man. Not my type, but very definitely handsome. I can also say that both the wives are beautiful and all the children are handsome or in the Obama girls case, growing into lovely young women.

Remember, vote with your Lady Smarts, not your Lady Parts!

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Sandra Fluke Campaign Event Draws 10 People

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

Obama and crew trot out their pretty little victim, the one the evil elite Catholic Law School mistreats by not providing free birth control. Drudge reports through Reno Gannett newspaper that she appeared before 10 people. It wasn’t reported whether all the 10 were named Julia or whether they had eyes.

As Michele Malkin says “Vote with your lady smarts, not with your lady parts.”

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