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Obama says “Don’t Follow Laws that Hurt Me”

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2012

The Obama administration has told defense contractors to ignore the Warn Act, duly passed by congress and signed into law by some President. This law requires large employers to give 60 days notice of a possible lay-off  It was probably a law passed to help unions and to make it harder to lay-off workers.

The problem is that sequestration will cause massive lay-offs in the defense industry and the law says that they must provide 60 days notice to those in danger of being laid off. Thousands and thousands of people should be notified on Nov. 1 that they may be laid off. Obama doesn’t want that to happen just before the election. So his Dept. of Labor is telling contractors that they do not have to follow this law, and further, if they are fined or sued, the taxpayer will pick up their legal bills.

In other words, laws that make Obama look like he really is shouldn’t be followed. It is more important that Obama keep his job than the employees be notified that they are possibly going to lose theirs.  Obama’s job is Job 1. That warning from your employer that would help you plan better isn’t good for Obama, so the companies have been told not to do it.


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