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Obama Donors – Foreign or Stupid?

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2012

The report from the Government Accountability Institute that questions the ongoing investigation into Obama’s on-line donors finds a high number of Obama donors do not have zip codes or do not know that there are at least 5 digits in an American zipcode. Obama just announced a huge haul in September.  How much of that huge amount came from people too stupid to know their own zipcode?  Or is it the more likely explanation – the money came from foreign nationals who are not eligible to donate to American elections. The Obama campaign has suspended security in their credit card verification in favor of paying an amount from each donation to “verify” it on the back-end.  This cost the ’08 campaign 7.5 million rather than using the secure way to accept credit cards which would have cost them nothing. Why go the expensive way?  Probably because they know it won’t be caught on the back side and then they will keep most of the donation. If you want to buy Obama merchandise, you have to give the security code upfront so the campaign doesn’t get ripped off.  But they seem to be good with letting foreign influence buy an election.

The FEC should come down hard on these missing zipcodes.  



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