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Screaming on the Inside

Attack in Yemen

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

On the anniversary of the USS Cole Bombing, a Yemeni citizen who was responsible for security at the US Embassy is murdered by a greatly diminished Al Qaeda.  I am surprised that the Obama administration isn’t telling us it was a silly YouTube movie,

Meanwhile, back around the globe, Syria and Turkey are fighting, Moscow is sending missile parts to Syria and Turkey finds the plane filled with those parts,  and there is no clear mission in Afghanistan due to escalating killings of our troops by the ANA/Afghani police yet we are still leaving on Obama’s 2014 schedule. Oh, yeah, yesterday Sec. of Defense announce that we have soldiers on the ground in Jordan on the Syria border trying to figure out where Syria’s WMD stocks are. Anyone else a bit concerned about this announcement?

Hillary/Biden/Obama are standing by while things grow more and more unstable, just hoping to hold the lid on the boiling pot until after Obama is re-elected in November. Someone like a real journalist should ask them why they think they are doing well in foreign policy and smart diplomacy.

Big Bird must be really happy.


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