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Joe Biden Has Never Heard of a Dirty Bomb

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

Joe keeps saying there is no problem with the nuclear material the Iranians are making because they have no weapon to put it in, so just don’t worry. Has he never heard of a dirty bomb.  Has he never heard of Al Qaeda and all of its affiliates who would just love to buy that material from Iran and the crazy mullahs who run it.  In fact, the sanctions that are hurting the people of Iran will make it necessary for the for the mullahs to need the money from Al Qaeda and Co. to prop up their regime.

So, Joe can sleep soundly because the mullahs don’t have a missile to send Israel to Hell.  I won’t sleep soundly because Al Qaeda can pack up that material and put it in a suitcase, smuggle it over the highly protected southern border (where Border Patrol agents are killed by Fast and Furious guns), and take the Amtrax to Grand Central Station in DC or NYC.

So while Joe flashes his overly pearly whites and chuckles condescendingly and smugly, I will worry about our future if he and Obama get to continue for 4 more years.


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