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Screaming on the Inside

In the Middle of a Huge Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2012

Michele Obama comes to us in the last few days with info we need to know.  She is telling us that “we are in the middle of a HUGE RECOVERY”.  Wow.  After 3 “recovery summers” she is now able to say they were wrong before, but it is here now and you should vote for her husband because he is the reason why.  Less than 2% growth, high unemployment, failing solar companies that got government/taxpayer money from coast to coast, yes, thank Obama for a huge recovery.  There may be a recovery in Michele’s eyes, but not in ours.

Michele also wants us to find some knuckleheads and tell them to vote for PresBO.  She already voted for him. Guess someone got to her!


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