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2nd Presidential Debate – My Pipeline is Bigger than Your Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

Watching the coverage. Here are my thoughts:

Energetic is the talking point of the night re: Obama – I imagine the introduction followed by three cartwheels around the stage for Obama.

Many wish for there to be much discussion about women’s issues. I am hoping there aren’t any. All issues are women’s issues. It isn’t about our reproductive organs.

Jobs for College Graduates- Obama says the guy has a great future, then talks manufacturing, training for people, green energy, tax the rich, investing in rebuilding with war money.  Obama also talks about bailing out GM.

Reducing the price of Gas – Romney speaks of  pipeline and Obama calls Romney a liar. Tell Romney he killed a coal plant while he is killing lots of coal plants. Romney is getting bold. Then Obama says his pipeline is bigger and longer than Romney’s pipeline. Further, he blames cheaper gas four years ago on a tanked economy. We still have a bad economy, so why is gas doubled?

Tax Reform – Romney is doing well.  Waiting for Obama to call him a liar. Obama just threw Clinton under the bus too. Middle class getting hurt for decades. Tax the rich.

The BS Female are Victims and Unequal from the Silly Girl – Obama raised by single mother. Grandmother worked hard and hit the ceiling. Romney talks the economy and his record with women. Obama rebuts with lady parts argument.

Another BS Question from a Bush Hater who is “undecided”. Yeah, right: She is the plant, the so-called undecided who will vote for Obama. Will the Bush haters ever get over it?  Obama is good at blaming Bush. She will like that.  If Candy and her helpers chose this woman to ask “how aren’t you the awful Bush?” then I believe that they are in tank for Obama.  Bush = Republican = Bad is 2nd nature for PresBO.

Black guy asks What has Obama done for him because he isn’t too optimistic and things cost too much – Barack killed Osama Bin Laden. Romney goes over PresBO broken promises.

What about hard-working illegal immigrants? Another plant. Obama says we are a nation of laws so he went around our laws and did it on his own.

Who Denied Security to Libyan Ambassador? – Obama tells us we are going to get to the bottom of this sometime after the election when he doesn’t have to worry about it. He is putting extra security after the fact. Tell us it is Romney’s fault for speaking too soon. Candy help PresBO but gives bad info. Obama is offended that someone should think he told a lie to cover up the terror attack. Very prickly.

Gun Control – Another clueless Questions straight from the mouth of another “undecided” liberal. Assault weapons ban isn’t on the list of any people with a brain right now. Now Obama wants to get cheap handguns included in the ban in Chicago.  They are already banned in Chicago.  Gun bans don’t work. Romney mentions Fast and Furious. Obama pushes for extra time to tell us that if we get kids to study science, assault weapons will actually ban themselves. Or the young scientists might just design a phaser to kill people. Candy is now treating the President like a mental patient who wants his jello.

Outsourcing Jobs – Romney’s good point of high business taxes, too many regulations, Obamacare as deterrent.

PresBO showed up. Romney was aggressive. Fact checkers will be doing some real work tomorrow.


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