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Obama Lies

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

The President and his administration spent up to two weeks trying to convince us that the terror attack on the Consulate was because of a silly YouTube trailer for some dumb movie.  Now they are offended that we think that they lied to us because it was really inconvenient to admit during his campaign that Islamic Terrorist still hate us, they think us weak, and killing UBL (from the Golf Course) didn’t fix it. For that two weeks, they trotted out Susan Rice (where is she and why won’t she answer questions?), Jay Carney, PresBO and Hillary on a regular basis to emphasize the stupid video.  Hillary and Obama went so far as to spend taxpayer funds to run a commercial in Pakistan (where no Ambassador was killed) excoriating the movie maker.  In other words, while the American public wanted to know what happened, Obama and Co. were very busy trying to get us to blame the movie. Further, they outed and arrested the movie maker, putting his life in danger. The video was never the issue, yet they egged on the Islamic world to protest the movie.  They sent the message that the movie theIslamists didn’t know about was worth protesting.

And now, Obama is offended that we would question the cover-up on this whole terrible episode. Hillary mans up and Obama lets her. Who told Susan Rice to lie? Why did Obama mention the movie over and over again when he knew it wasn’t the movie? Are they incompetent or concerned that the campaign is hurt by the attack? If Obama did indeed make a phone call on the night of the attack to his security advisors, what was said?  The reports that Obama went to sleep were well covered.  New info about a phone call or CYA? He did decide to go to Las Vegas and forgo lots of Daily Security Briefings. Don’t tell us you are proactive on this when you can’t stop campaigning. Tell us the truth. Heads should role.  Obama’s head should role.


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