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When Obama is OFFENDED, Look Deeper

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

Last night, in the debate, we saw Obama get his back up about the probability that his administration considered the political downfall by misleading on the murder of the 4 Americans in Libya a terrorist attack. Obama firmly told us he is OFFENDED by the idea.

He has used this term before. It was when he was asked if the leakers of classified info in his administration were doing it to make him look good. Once again, his back was up and he is OFFENDED!  How dare you mere mortals question him about putting politics before the safety of the Nation.

I think both instances struck a nerve because he got so upset both times.  He isn’t upset about the leaks or the terrorist attack so much, but he is offended that someone would question him. In the ongoing poor explanations about Libya, the possibility of bad intelligence is at hand.  Any day now, it the pressure is kept on high, the intelligence community will join others under the Obama Bus. Perhaps we don’t have good intelligence because the Obama administration leaks about the cooperation of foreign nationals in our intelligence. Why give the Americans information about pending attacks when you may be outed by someone shilling for the campaign?

When No Drama Obama is OFFENDED by something  it is probably because they are being asked the right questions. The MSM should look into this, but they won’t.


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