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Obama Doesn’t Play by the Rules

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

Every day, Obama goes out and tells people that Romney will allow rich people to play by different rules.  This is not true. However, it is clear that Obama doesn’t play by the same rules as other campaigns for President. He readily accepts donations from foreign sources which is illegal.  For last month, Breitbart is reporting that the Obama campaign reports that over $2 million came in from people too stupid to know their zip codes (otherwise know as illegal foreign influence). How can that be? Well, first you suspend all security in accepting donation so that foreign sources can donate.  Then, you look the other way.  Romney and McCain didn’t use this loophole to accept unverified donations.

So, either donors to Obama are stupid or Obama and his campaign know that this is happening.  Thus they are not playing by the rules. Obama won the last campaign this way, and he and his billion dollars in donations wants to buy the Presidency again.

Plus, there is a report that the UN is endorsing Obama. No coincidence there. Maybe we should check his donation records and see who Putin, Chavez, and the Castro brothers donate to.

Will the Federal Election Committee do something about this? Not likely.

Other funny money questions surrounding Obama:

There was a shortfall of 15 million in donations for the Democrat’s Convention. Where will this money come from? They said they wouldn’t fund with Corporate funds, but they did? Will contractors get stiffed by the Billion Dollar Obama Campaign?

The Obama Campaign borrowed money from the Bank of America last month. Why? They have earned more money than any other campaign ever.

Can Obama buy a $40 million retirement house in Hawaii with his Victory Fund (financed by corporations) if he loses?


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