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Geraldo Rivera Turns in His Press Card

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2012

I was watching O’Reilly friday night. Geraldo was in no way concerned that other so called journalists haven’t asked Obama the hard questions about Benghazi.  Geraldo somehow felt it was Romney’s job to get Obama to answer questions about it. He seems to think it is ok for Obama to not answer the questions because it is so close to the election. Geraldo give Obama a pass but not Romney. Wow.

People died. It probably could have been avoided in advance or even during the attack. The smoke screen of the video hasn’t been explained by anyone yet. There are heads rolling in the military without explanation. Obama hasn’t held a press conference on the matter. All journalists are running interference for Obama. The press is dead.

Why was Steven in Benghazi? Why was the facility not secure? Why wasn’t help sent? Who did Obama meet with and what was said? Why did Obama go to Vegas? Why are heads rolling in the military? Why can we get drones there but not actual fighter jets? Did the Seals actually kill 60 attackers? Why is the guy who probably headed the attack able to drink frappe in a nearby hotel and be interviewed by the NYT? Was Stevens on a special mission to retrieve gun given to the bad guys?

I hope at least one other head rolls on this thing. Obama’s.


One Response to “Geraldo Rivera Turns in His Press Card”

  1. Geraldo Rivera is nothing but bottom feeding, arrogant scum! Anybody who watched his interview last night (10/28) with the father of former US Navy Seal Ty Woods should be outraged and writing to FNC! I already have! I never saw such DESPICABLE behavior from a purported “journalist” in my life! 😦 Rivera CLAIMS to be a “war reporter”. Yeah, right. He never served a single day in the military. But oh, according to him in his hubris he’s an EXPERT. I never understood why FNC would hire this radical left-wing nut to begin with..except to perhaps support a “fair and balanced” narrative. But if that’s the case, there are REAL journalists who’d do a far better job than this “drama queen”. The military folks out there on the ground in harm’s way KNOW what this arrogant charlatan is & they have ZERO RESPECT for him! LtCol Tony Schaeffer made that very clear in his book “Operation Dark Heart” describing a visit by Rivera AFTER all the action was over during that operation in Afghanistan. Rivera is SICKENING! He should be ashamed, but then he has none, nor any honor or journalistic ethics! 😦

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