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Obama and Dems want Spending Increases Not Cuts

Posted by madjillmom on November 29, 2012

More and more taxes. No more spending cuts at all. In fact, the Dems want more stimulus because they have votes to buy and cronies to pay off. They want to raise the rates on the so-called rich. They want to tax your tan, your wealth, your carbon, your death, and they won’t let the Republicans slow them down. More stimulus. This roaring recovery can’t limp along without it. The “balanced approach” was a sham.  It is as always with the Dems, tax and spend, tax and spend.

Don’t starve the beast, give it another shot of cocaine. We can only grow if the government grows. Obama has met with his liberal groups (unions, MoveON, etc) several times already. Get prepared for a downgrade. They now don’t even have to act like they care about the debt anymore. Your savings are worth less and less and the government will try to confiscate them sooner rather than later. The welfare state is going to grow and grow. Everyone wants a check from Obama. We will no longer be strong, just a bunch of government junkies waiting for the next fix. We deserve this.

Come January 1, I will  do my best to go John Galt. I will try hard to control my own household because there is now no hope for the USA.


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Obama Doesn’t Want a Balanced Approach

Posted by madjillmom on November 28, 2012

Republicans are giving in. The much vaunted balanced approach is no more. Obama now only wants tax increases. He won’t bargain with any spending cuts. So much for cutting entitlements or other government programs.  The President has lots of power and he was never serious about cutting spending. So much for a “balanced approach”.

He even said he would not sign a bill that wasn’t balanced. He will sign the bill to tax the rich without balance. No one in the press will call them on this blatant irresponsibility.

We aren’t going to have any meaningful cuts. We are going to feed the beast and screw our children and grandchildren. Kick the can down the road. Don’t fix the problems. Cutting spending is not a Democratic priority and never will be. Erskine Bowles said it would not be a good idea, but the Dems won’t listen to him.

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Benghazi and the White House Truth

Posted by madjillmom on November 18, 2012

Gen. Petraeus says he didn’t change the report. The White House says they only changed the “consulate” to “diplomatic facility” in order to be precise. The White House is really concerned about be PRECISE!!!  They are still spinning the Mohammed video as cause and they are concerned that the facility be precisely described? Yeah, right.

Someone told weak little Susan Rice to repeatedly tell people that it was the video. Who did that and why? Easy questions to ask if the MSM can ever figure out that they aren’t the Official Obama Fan Club.  Oh, yeah, they only care about how many times the General and his girlfriend did it under the desk.

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Government in the Bedroom

Posted by madjillmom on November 15, 2012

Remember when we were told that Pres. Clinton’s major indescretion was a personal and private matter that we didn’t need to concern ourselves with? Remember when we were told that Monica Lewinsky was not a security matter, but just an embarrassing failing that in no way affected his ability to do his job?

Now, instead of finally calling the Obama administration to account for Benghazi, we are delving deep into the personal failings of a great man or men it seems. The government is checking e-mails, collecting computers, raiding homes, and probably checking for a stained dress in an attempt to ruin some men. The difference is the press loved Clinton, but not the military.

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Susan Rice is Weak

Posted by madjillmom on November 15, 2012

If Susan Rice is so weak that she can’t stand up for herself against Sen, McCain, Sen. Ayote, and Sen. Graham, why is she even being considered for Secretary of State? If she can’t answer the question about lying to the American people, then why is she in a position in the UN that requires strength and backbone?

The White House wants it both ways. We choose women, but the women are weak. Which is it?

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Obama, Benghazi, and Susan Rice

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2012

Obama got his back up today in his press conference. He told everyone to lay off of Susan Rice and pick on him instead. He also said Susan Rice had “nothing to do with Benghazi”. If she had nothing to do with Benghazi, then why was she the one sent out to lie to us all about the reason for the attack? She does not need to be Sec. of State. Neither does John Kerry.

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Obama Is Incapable of Compromise

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2012

Second verse, same as the first. Because he considers himself always right, the President is incapable of actual compromise. He is doubling down on tax increases and will not get real on cuts in entitlement programs. The press stands by, unwilling to push him for specifics. Obama has been a one trick pony on raising taxes on the rich acting like this is the answer to all our ills. Go ahead, kill the golden goose.  Watch the market react to this lack of basic economic understanding of Obama on what makes jobs.

Another signal he is going on in just the same way, he met with Unions and all the leftists yesterday and has not met with business yet. I guess he thinks unions are responsible for creating jobs.

Remember when he told Letterman that we just need to tax the rich and make a few other minor adjustments to fix the economy. Remember when Michele told us we are in a huge recovery. Not in my world.

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Patreaus Mess

Posted by madjillmom on November 9, 2012

I was shocked and disheartened this afternoon to hear that the General has stepped down because of an affair. It is a terrible thing. Men of Honor can be brought low by foolish choices.

Now, the MSM will dig and dig and dig until they can undo this man and his accomplishments. They will use it as a distraction rather than dig and dig and dig on the administration and their handling and lying about the whole situation. I bet that before he was supposed to testify next week, his reputation and privacy will be in ruins. Too bad, really sad.

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Iranian Provocation or Act of War

Posted by madjillmom on November 9, 2012

If a Air Force Troop Transport filled with troops was shot at over international waters by Iranian jets, would the MSM be interested? If the election was 5 days away, would the administration make the political decision to not tell the American people about the incident? Yes. Would the MSM then, upon finding out this thing happened, go after the obvious political decision to withhold the information? No.

The Obama administration has brazenly paraded their lies about Benghazi and delayed the drone shooting announcement and the MSM can’t seem to drum up any outrage about it. They are no longer journalists, but rather cheerleaders for Obama.

Throughout the campaign, one of the Obama campaign things was to accuse Romney of wanting another war. For any stupid people reading this, Romney did not ever want another war. Good reason to cover-up the act of war by Iran. Will the Obama administration make Iran pay? No.

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Waiting for the Government to Help – Sandy Edition

Posted by madjillmom on November 8, 2012

It was hushed up for a week. Obama had a photo-op and everything was pronounced working great. Only problem is that it isn’t working great. When FEMA shows up, they aren’t any real help. Go on the internet is the refrain. Now that Obama is re-elected, the stories are coming out. Little better than Katrina.

Billions spent, national, state, and local bureaucracies still unable to help in a really bad situation. But that doesn’t stop the politicians from patting themselves on their backs. Obama said he would make sure and check back in with these folks. He is afraid to go back there unless there is a party with some stars or Michele wants a romantic night out.

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