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Obama’s FEMA Now Ordering MREs

Posted by madjillmom on November 3, 2012

While patting themselves on the back for their response, it is quite telling that only now is FEMA ordering MREs to feed those in the Sandy Storm Zone. Why didn’t they have those in stock already? Why aren’t they already distributed to those in need?

By the way, the net is full of articles about the stockpile of ammo that Homeland Security has. Guess people can eat bullets.  Remember when Bush hated Blacks because of the response to Katrina? Who does Obama hate? Why is this not his fault? If FEMA is just now ordering meals, doesn’t that mean that they are responsible for providing? Nothing in the MSM echo chamber, as usual.

The Federal Government should be restricted to doing a few things well.  Response to an emergency isn’t apparently one of the things.


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