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Voted for Romney

Posted by madjillmom on November 5, 2012

Somehow along the way, my vote for Romney actually turned into a vote for Romney, not just a vote against Obama. He isn’t Reagan, but he is a kind and decent man with lots of experience we need to turn things around. When he picked Ryan, I got excited. Now I just want it to be over. I want Romney to win and win big. We can’t continue down the road to the cliff Obama wants us to go off. Bloated government, government dependency, higher taxes, more “investment” in losers, moreĀ demagoguing, more part-time jobs because of Obamacare, less strength abroad, and a smaller military about to go to war in Africa. Debt that makes us weak.

I want a strong America. We must get our fiscal house in order. Romney and Ryan are the guys to get this done. My birthday is Wednesday. All I want for my birthday is for Romney to be elected.


3 Responses to “Voted for Romney”

  1. Jeff said

    Well, we’ve got 4 more years… God help us.

  2. Jeff said

    I went over why Mitt could loose here…

    See what you think…

  3. madjillmom said

    I wish I felt God could do something about it. I am so depressed. We may not survive this.

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