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Iranian Provocation or Act of War

Posted by madjillmom on November 9, 2012

If a Air Force Troop Transport filled with troops was shot at over international waters by Iranian jets, would the MSM be interested? If the election was 5 days away, would the administration make the political decision to not tell the American people about the incident? Yes. Would the MSM then, upon finding out this thing happened, go after the obvious political decision to withhold the information? No.

The Obama administration has brazenly paraded their lies about Benghazi and delayed the drone shooting announcement and the MSM can’t seem to drum up any outrage about it. They are no longer journalists, but rather cheerleaders for Obama.

Throughout the campaign, one of the Obama campaign things was to accuse Romney of wanting another war. For any stupid people reading this, Romney did not ever want another war. Good reason to cover-up the act of war by Iran. Will the Obama administration make Iran pay? No.


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