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Obama Doesn’t Want a Balanced Approach

Posted by madjillmom on November 28, 2012

Republicans are giving in. The much vaunted balanced approach is no more. Obama now only wants tax increases. He won’t bargain with any spending cuts. So much for cutting entitlements or other government programs.  The President has lots of power and he was never serious about cutting spending. So much for a “balanced approach”.

He even said he would not sign a bill that wasn’t balanced. He will sign the bill to tax the rich without balance. No one in the press will call them on this blatant irresponsibility.

We aren’t going to have any meaningful cuts. We are going to feed the beast and screw our children and grandchildren. Kick the can down the road. Don’t fix the problems. Cutting spending is not a Democratic priority and never will be. Erskine Bowles said it would not be a good idea, but the Dems won’t listen to him.


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