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Obama and Dems want Spending Increases Not Cuts

Posted by madjillmom on November 29, 2012

More and more taxes. No more spending cuts at all. In fact, the Dems want more stimulus because they have votes to buy and cronies to pay off. They want to raise the rates on the so-called rich. They want to tax your tan, your wealth, your carbon, your death, and they won’t let the Republicans slow them down. More stimulus. This roaring recovery can’t limp along without it. The “balanced approach” was a sham.  It is as always with the Dems, tax and spend, tax and spend.

Don’t starve the beast, give it another shot of cocaine. We can only grow if the government grows. Obama has met with his liberal groups (unions, MoveON, etc) several times already. Get prepared for a downgrade. They now don’t even have to act like they care about the debt anymore. Your savings are worth less and less and the government will try to confiscate them sooner rather than later. The welfare state is going to grow and grow. Everyone wants a check from Obama. We will no longer be strong, just a bunch of government junkies waiting for the next fix. We deserve this.

Come January 1, I will  do my best to go John Galt. I will try hard to control my own household because there is now no hope for the USA.


One Response to “Obama and Dems want Spending Increases Not Cuts”

  1. jeff said

    I agree with you for the most part. Check out the post I have just written and let me know if you think I’m right.

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