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Tax the Rich – It Won’t Fix Anything

Posted by madjillmom on December 10, 2012

Go ahead. Pass the higher taxes on the rich. It is a victory without truth. Obama wants only to tax the rich. Revenues will not go up. They will go down. Even if the revenue does come in, it will only run the government for less than 10 days. BFD.

Keep kicking the can down the road. Obama knows that this is the easiest and least effective way to get something done. He wants all Republicans to bow down and lick his shoes.

Obama may rue the day he gets this trophy. Because very soon, he will have to cut, cut and cut. A recession  is looming. His anemic recovery needs new drugs to keep going, more wasted stimulus. He will have to cut entitlements. He doesn’t care about the military cuts. He wants a weak America. So later, after a few more downgrades and poor employment numbers, he will have to make cuts. The public who loves taxing the rich won’t like this. He didn’t campaign on cutting anything. He even told Letterman and lots of others that the fix is easy. Just tax the rich.

Meanwhile, his dirty little secret, Obamacare, will start taxing us all. Bend over and grab your ankles, all  of our taxes are going up.



One Response to “Tax the Rich – It Won’t Fix Anything”

  1. jeff said

    I noted in my last post that Obama even said in a recent speech last Thursday that the tax increases must “start” with the wealthy.


    “And I think we all recognize that there are some smart cuts we’ve got to make in government. We’re going to have to strengthen our entitlement programs so that they’re there for future generations. Everybody is going to have to share in some sacrifice, but it starts with folks who are in the best position to sacrifice, who are in the best position to do a little bit more to step up. And that’s what my plan does.”

    He also says, “…everyone is going to have to share in some sacrifice.” I thought it was only the rich that were going to have to suffer.

    It’s like I’ve said time and time again. Obama doesn’t really lie, he just never explains anything so it means whatever he wants it to. The drum beat is “tax the rich.” People have heard for more than 100 days “tax the rich, tax the rich” so when Obama says that everyone is going to have to sacrifice, nobody catches on. Everyone is programmed to think “rich” only, or at least his ignorant voters are.

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