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Sen. Menendez Pays for fun Vacations

Posted by madjillmom on January 31, 2013

Sen. Menendez suddenly decides to pay the eye doctor $60,000 for his vacations to the Dominican Republic on the doctor’s private plane. He took 3 trips, so that is $20,000 per vacation. Gosh, do other New Jersey people get to take that kind of vacations? I can fly from Newark to Dominican Republic for about $700. What is the other $19,300 for? Lodging, massages, under-age hookers, lots of booze, and maybe a little bit of recreational drugs?

If a Senator can spend this kind of funds on a vacation, no wonder we are drowning in debt. How much longer will the MSM not report on this?

Remember, this is the same Senator who had a sexual predator, illegal alien on his office staff.


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Sec. of State of Global Warming

Posted by madjillmom on January 30, 2013

Our new Sec. of State, John “Purple Heart” Kerry, is pretty certain that global climate change is a bigger menace to us than the Islamic terrorists we have been fighting for too many years. How will this play out? Not well, I am sure.

This new Sec. of State Kerry is a big fan of Bashar Asad, Syria’s killer dictator. That’s going to be a great thing for the State Department.

Was Kerry asked about either of the things during his confirmation? Nah, he’s part of the good old boys club, not need to talk about poor judgement on his part.

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Kissing Hillary on Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on January 23, 2013

These hearings are the usual farce with so much more ass-kissing thrown in. The Dems tell Hillary how much they love her, how great she is, how wonderful she looks, and could she just move her left cheek over a little so they can kiss her butt some more. The Republicans ask a few hard questions and don’t get real good answers. When they turn up the heat on Clinton, the press starts to impugn their credentials. So no one will ever get a thing to hang on Hillary and Obama will never be called to task.

American men are dead. Reputations of terrorists have been enhanced. Al Qaeda is stronger. Some of the same terrorists have possibly gone onto kill Americans in Algeria last week. No answers. What was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi? Does Hillary know? What did Pres. Obama do when he learned of the attack? Why wasn’t the military allowed to go in?

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Obama’s Recovery, Guns, and Fracking

Posted by madjillmom on January 16, 2013

I wonder how much of the anemic growth the Obama calls a Recovery is due to two things Obama hates – fracking and law-abiding people buying guns, lots of guns?

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No Ammo

Posted by madjillmom on January 15, 2013

Went yesterday to buy ammo. Walmart was out of bullets and just had a small stock of shotgun shells.

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Obama and “Fanning the Fear”

Posted by madjillmom on January 14, 2013

Obama claims that gun rights groups are fanning the flame of fear gun restrictions in order to sell guns. Simultaneously, Obama fans the flames of fear the Republicans will cause Social Security checks and Military pay will be delayed.

Further Obama keeps saying this about “paying the bills”. It is really about borrowing to continue profligate spending.

Obama has never made a cut. Government spends more every year. Quit Whining and Starve the BEAST!

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Obama Threatens Social Security and Military Pay for Politics

Posted by madjillmom on January 14, 2013

It is known that the Obama Administration can pay all Social Security checks and all Military pay even if the debt ceiling is not raised. Yet, today, Obama came out, on schedule to threaten that Social Security checks and Military pay will be delayed.

Will someone in the press actually challenge this? Will they ask if green energy subsidies and Obamaphones be delayed?

Borrow more or I will stop the checks to the old people! Social Security will go out, soldiers will be paid. This is al about scaring the American people. This is all about making the Republicans the evil people who want old people to eat dog food. This is ridiculous.

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Carney Verifies Obama Not Interested in Debt Reduction

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2013

Just as Boehner said, PresBO doesn’t think we have a spending problem. Boehner told us that Obama doesn’t like hearing we have a spending problem because he doesn’t believe we do.  No wonder $16 trillion isn’t an issue with him. Just all the rest of us.

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Obama’s Job Council Member Lays Off 5000+

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2013

Obama’s hand-picked Jobs Council member, Ken Chenault, announces more lay-offs from American Express. Of course, the council rarely meets, and when they do meet, Obama ignores their recommendations. Kinda like the Bowles-Simpson Debt Reduction report that Obama can’t seem to follow. Do not get me wrong. American Express is not evil, nor is Ken Chenault. They have every right and responsiblity to lay-off workers. Maybe someone in the business media should ask how many contract workers/temporary workers American Express now uses from the ranks of former Amex employees.

Perhaps, Ken Chenault should resign from the Jobs Council. At least this explains why Ken wasn’t chosen by PresBO to be Treasury Secretary. The questions would have to be asked and the answers are real favorable for PresBO.

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Another School Shootings – Limit the Size of Pockets

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2013

Yesterday, a troubled young man in California, who probably came from a broken home and played lots of violent video games, took his brother’s shotgun to school. He wanted to hurt some people who hurt him. There is some concern that this young man had issues and that other students wondered why he was still allowed in school. The news reports tell us that he shot one young man, shot and missed another, and was then talked out of further gun violence by teachers and authorities. It was then found that his pockets contained as many as 20 other shells.

We had better limit the size of pockets. Someone call Sheriff Joe. He needs to know that hi-capacity pockets are now a problem. Oh, yeah, shotguns might be a big problem also.

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