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Obama’s Job Council Member Lays Off 5000+

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2013

Obama’s hand-picked Jobs Council member, Ken Chenault, announces more lay-offs from American Express. Of course, the council rarely meets, and when they do meet, Obama ignores their recommendations. Kinda like the Bowles-Simpson Debt Reduction report that Obama can’t seem to follow. Do not get me wrong. American Express is not evil, nor is Ken Chenault. They have every right and responsiblity to lay-off workers. Maybe someone in the business media should ask how many contract workers/temporary workers American Express now uses from the ranks of former Amex employees.

Perhaps, Ken Chenault should resign from the Jobs Council. At least this explains why Ken wasn’t chosen by PresBO to be Treasury Secretary. The questions would have to be asked and the answers are real favorable for PresBO.


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