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Sequestration and the Republican Fight

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2013

Yes, Sequestration is coming. Obama wants it to hurt bad. Here is how the Republicans, conservative bloggers, and Fox News can fight the scary narrative being framed by PresBO and the Dems. When the inevitable “lay-offs” and furloughs happen, when the unemployment numbers go up, be ready with real numbers. Each congressman or Senator can take an agency and study the actual numbers. When the Dems announce lay-offs at the FBI, tell the country what they aren’t cutting at the FBI, expensive seminars, limo service, out-of-town conferences, corporate jet rides instead of coach commercial flights. Point out that the budgets for the FBI is X% higher this year than last. Point out how some agency spent lots of money buying Chevy Volts and putting in charging stations instead of finding bank robbers. Just be ready.

The Obama administration has already overstated the scary stuff and let illegal aliens out of detention centers. Arne Duncan has told us that teachers are getting pink slips when that has proven to be a local problem and has nothing to do with Sequester. We will hear about how cancer research will come to a halt. All the cuts are in the rate of growth, so there should not be any real pain outside of the military. Remember, government has grown by 40 in ten years. We will spend more this year than last.

Remember, the military has already been cut. The only actual cuts PresBO has made is to the military. We are still conducting a war. Our son is about to deploy and they cannot take their working stuff. They will be met with broken and old stuff left behind by the last group. The military is 20% of the cost of government and will take 50% of the sequestration. This will leave my son and his brigade without stuff they need in Afghanistan.




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Obama and Sequestration

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2013

Obama wants it to hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, you might realize that smaller government isn’t a bad thing. He wants these tiny cuts to come out of the hide of the Republicans. He wants us to eat bad meat, stand in TSA lines, fight our own fires, etc. The less than 2% cuts are going to feel really bad. Libraries will be shut down, parks will be closed, employees will be furloughed. Yet, the US government will spend more this year than last, so there are no real cuts.

The analogy is the 2% cut all working people took at the beginning of this year. All workers saw their paychecks cut by the 2% that goes into Social Security. So now, all our families are dealing with this cut. You could cut out a few of the movies you go to each month. You could not eat out as much. You could use coupons, cancel HBO/Showtime, color your own hair, or mow your own grass. Or you could stop paying your mortgage, house insurance, electricity, and property taxes. This is the way Obama is going about it. The increase in the price of gas is also a great cut to the budgets of every family.

The MSM will let Obama make this ugly. The only group really hurt by sequester will be the military. The military budget has already been cut by 500 billion.

Someone cut Agency Conferences in Las Vegas. Someone cut idiotic Diversity programs and seminars. Someone cut Obamaphones. Someone cut subsidies to electric car battery companies in Belgium. Someone cut the pay of congress, and the entire overpopulated executive branch. Someone might stop hiring people that work in government.

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Michele Unchained – Meat Inspectors Furloughed

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2013

As I have predicted, the First Lady is no longer in the “I’m just like you. I shop at Target. Vote for Barack.” box. She is unchained. She has used government money to go to the Oscars. She probably got a very nice dress from a very good designer to give out the Best Picture Oscar. Yes, she is just like us. Well, maybe not just like us.

No, she isn’t. I didn’t watch the Oscars. I haven’t seen any of the movies they nominated. I do not know most of the names of the actors. I watched Duck Dynasty last night. When I saw the clips this morning of the surprise visit of Michele to the Mecca of leftist money, my first thought was the cost.  I guess a few more meat inspectors will be furloughed and a few more children will lose their government babysitters. Sequestration evidently won’t affect this fun-loving,, high-flying (on our dime) First Lady.

The second thought that shot through my mind was did the administration trade this for not even mentioning Hollywood in the gun violence debate.

Update: She didn’t fly to Hollywood. She evidently did video clips for all the nominees during an inaugural ball with military props in the background. And by props, I mean people in the military. So I guess the soon to be sequestered meat inspectors are a bit safer.

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Tiger Woods and Sequestration

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2013

Sequestration is looming. PresBO is holding high level meetings with his good friend, Tiger Woods. They discussed the ramifications of the cuts to the military on the back nine. By the 19th hole, they had decided that taxing the rich is the only way out of this problem. Problem solved. Great work. 

Next week, PresBO will have a pick-up game with Michael Jordan while they solve the problem of illegal immigration. 

If PresBO takes up soccer, I think his game with David Beckham will probably fix the deficit. 

Thank goodness this President is so able to multi-task  Remember when George Bush had to give up golf because the press didn’t like him playing while troops were dying in war.  No problem with Obama playing golf while caskets come home. 

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State of the Union is Denial

Posted by madjillmom on February 16, 2013

The state of the union is Denial. The price of gas is up, again. The price of food will follow suite again. Unemployment is actually around 14%. Obama wants to spend more and more. He wants to enroll your kids in government pre-school so union teachers can help shape their minds. He wants to tax and tax, spend and spend. He wants illegal aliens to get the few jobs available. He wants them to get food stamps. He wants to “invest” borrowed money tilting at windmills. He says it won’t cost anything.

We are more than 16 trillion in debt. We are in denial.

Quit whining and starve the beast!

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Paying for Obama’s Vacations – Again

Posted by madjillmom on February 15, 2013

Yes, I cannot afford a skiing or golfing vacation. But I can help pay for the Obama’s to take separate vacations. Michele is going to Aspen and Barack is going to Florida to get some golf lessons from a famous golf instructor. This is what I predicted. The last year before the election, Michele didn’t go to any fancy vacay spots with friends and family in tow. But now that he has won again, all vacations are back in. Travelling separately is such a great thing. Going separate places is double the secret service, double the Air Force One and Two.  Sometimes the first couple likes for the dog to be flown in separately. Why? Just because they can.

The higher the debt climbs the more they travel.  PresBO likes to fly across the country to give speeches about global warming, gun control, and taxing the rich. Evidently, they equate air miles with actually governing. When Hillary left the State Department, she was lauded with only one accomplishment. Air Miles.  She had no real accomplishments beyond miles travelled and countries visited. I guess PresBO thinks that this is a proper measure of success.

Air Miles = Actually Achievement

Quit Whining and Starve the Beast!


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Obama’s Addicted “Recovery”

Posted by madjillmom on February 13, 2013

This current “Obama Recovery” is the weakest recovery after a recession since World War II. If this were a real recovery, we would not be bumping along the bottom with a few indicators up and some down. We would be zooming. Radical Dems and Obama believe that the way to grow the economy is to grow government. His “huge recovery” (as Michele put it during the campaign) is totally dependent on a fix of government spending, investing, and ongoing stimulus. Without that fix, Obama’s fabulous recovery runs out of steam.  His recovery is an addicted recovery.

With the government spending more all the time (cuts are not actual cuts, they are cuts in the rate of growth), the people see little benefit from all the investment/spending that Obama wants. With our debt constantly growing, people feel scared and do not spend. This is what is going on in our household. I look at the government under Obama as a broken, addicted to debt and more taxes, with no good outcome in the future. l

Quit whining and starve the BEAST!!!

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Obama “Rebukes” North Korean Nukes

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2013

Obama sent a “rebuke” to NK to object strongly to their continued nuclear testing and missile testing. I’m sure they will listen. Obama needs to remember that he will more than likely live in Hawaii after his Presidency comes to an end. This would be the easiest target for a North Korean nuke.

Leading from behind is really working out for us throughout the world.

We only see a strong Obama when he is taking down the Republican Party. He shows weakness to all our enemies. I wish he would use some of the aggressiveness he uses against Republicans against North Korea, Iran, Putin/Russia, and the Deficit.


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Budgets and My Taxes

Posted by madjillmom on February 11, 2013

The Senate is supposed to pass a budget for every fiscal year. It hasn’t done this in 3 years. President Obama is supposed to present a budget every year on Feb. 1.  He hasn’t done it yet. I am supposed to file and pay my income tax every year by April 15th. If I don’t, I can go to jail. If they don’t, they still get paid and the MSM ignores the lawlessness.

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Obama’s Anemic Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on February 5, 2013

The much praised and promised recovery is so poor that we cannot cut any programs, we can only raise taxes. This is the new Democrat meme. Cutting nearly any government program will cause the anemic recovery to get even worse. Where is the recovery that Obama promised? This anemic Obama recovery is only able to survive by growing government, it mainlines government spending and borrowing or it dies. Growing government is not growing the economy.

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