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A Weak Secretary of Defense

Posted by madjillmom on February 1, 2013

Obama has been known to get rid of people at Defense when they ask too many hard questions. But now he has brought in a useful idiot or puppet to the post. First Chuck Hagel tells us his world view hasn’t ever changed. That in itself is a concern. Didn’t your world vision change when things changed? The fall of the Berlin wall, the breakup of the Soviet Union, Tienanmen Square, 9/11? Don’t these events cause thinking people to reassess their views on the world?

Then after telling us that his world view hasn’t changed, he tells the committee that he didn’t mean anything he said in the past. He couldn’t even tell us what Obama’s plan is for the military. Aren’t we pivoting to Asia and leaving the middle-east in turmoil?

Hagel is a fool. But Obama can report that he is a Republican fool. A fool and weak intellect as Secretary of Defense. Great.


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