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Obama “Rebukes” North Korean Nukes

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2013

Obama sent a “rebuke” to NK to object strongly to their continued nuclear testing and missile testing. I’m sure they will listen. Obama needs to remember that he will more than likely live in Hawaii after his Presidency comes to an end. This would be the easiest target for a North Korean nuke.

Leading from behind is really working out for us throughout the world.

We only see a strong Obama when he is taking down the Republican Party. He shows weakness to all our enemies. I wish he would use some of the aggressiveness he uses against Republicans against North Korea, Iran, Putin/Russia, and the Deficit.



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  1. Francisco said

    Exactly where did u obtain the recommendations to publish ““Obama Rebukes
    North Korean Nukes Mama Bin Cranky”? Regards ,Erma

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