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Obama and Sequestration

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2013

Obama wants it to hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, you might realize that smaller government isn’t a bad thing. He wants these tiny cuts to come out of the hide of the Republicans. He wants us to eat bad meat, stand in TSA lines, fight our own fires, etc. The less than 2% cuts are going to feel really bad. Libraries will be shut down, parks will be closed, employees will be furloughed. Yet, the US government will spend more this year than last, so there are no real cuts.

The analogy is the 2% cut all working people took at the beginning of this year. All workers saw their paychecks cut by the 2% that goes into Social Security. So now, all our families are dealing with this cut. You could cut out a few of the movies you go to each month. You could not eat out as much. You could use coupons, cancel HBO/Showtime, color your own hair, or mow your own grass. Or you could stop paying your mortgage, house insurance, electricity, and property taxes. This is the way Obama is going about it. The increase in the price of gas is also a great cut to the budgets of every family.

The MSM will let Obama make this ugly. The only group really hurt by sequester will be the military. The military budget has already been cut by 500 billion.

Someone cut Agency Conferences in Las Vegas. Someone cut idiotic Diversity programs and seminars. Someone cut Obamaphones. Someone cut subsidies to electric car battery companies in Belgium. Someone cut the pay of congress, and the entire overpopulated executive branch. Someone might stop hiring people that work in government.


One Response to “Obama and Sequestration”

  1. OGRE said

    You made my point for me! The 2% increase in payroll taxes were the first thing that came to my mind when I heard 2% government spending cuts.

    Like you said the fact is that sequestration is a 2% reduction of the standard 7% budget increase each year. So the budget will still grow by around 5% anyway.

    I love that this is actually going to go through and people are going to see –hopefully– that all of this fear-mongering is a show. The funniest example I heard of was this; if I make $500,000 a year I won’t be able to feed my kids if my income is reduced by $10,000!

    Here is another fine point most people missed. How is it that the jobs created by the Stimulus Bill cost something like 175,000 per job right. The stimulus being 700 Billion dollars didn’t effect the unemployment rate. So now we are to believe that the lack of an 82 Billion increase is going to be the end of the world? If injecting 700 Billion didn’t make that much of a positive increase; how are we to believe that a “loss” of 82 Billion is going to do 10 times more damage?

    I just hope that the media doesn’t back down on this and people wake up a little.

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