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Sequestration and the Republican Fight

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2013

Yes, Sequestration is coming. Obama wants it to hurt bad. Here is how the Republicans, conservative bloggers, and Fox News can fight the scary narrative being framed by PresBO and the Dems. When the inevitable “lay-offs” and furloughs happen, when the unemployment numbers go up, be ready with real numbers. Each congressman or Senator can take an agency and study the actual numbers. When the Dems announce lay-offs at the FBI, tell the country what they aren’t cutting at the FBI, expensive seminars, limo service, out-of-town conferences, corporate jet rides instead of coach commercial flights. Point out that the budgets for the FBI is X% higher this year than last. Point out how some agency spent lots of money buying Chevy Volts and putting in charging stations instead of finding bank robbers. Just be ready.

The Obama administration has already overstated the scary stuff and let illegal aliens out of detention centers. Arne Duncan has told us that teachers are getting pink slips when that has proven to be a local problem and has nothing to do with Sequester. We will hear about how cancer research will come to a halt. All the cuts are in the rate of growth, so there should not be any real pain outside of the military. Remember, government has grown by 40 in ten years. We will spend more this year than last.

Remember, the military has already been cut. The only actual cuts PresBO has made is to the military. We are still conducting a war. Our son is about to deploy and they cannot take their working stuff. They will be met with broken and old stuff left behind by the last group. The military is 20% of the cost of government and will take 50% of the sequestration. This will leave my son and his brigade without stuff they need in Afghanistan.




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