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ObamaCare and the FAA Air Controller Furloughs

Posted by madjillmom on April 26, 2013

Sequestration has been a fact of life for our federal government for a long time. It has been coming, they knew about it, and the government bosses at the FAA should have made reasonable plans to make the cuts in low priority areas or low use airports. But that isn’t the way the President wants it to be. So, now they have done it the stupid way, and people are pissed off. The cuts are completely doable in a way that would not slow down already slow air travel. But our President wants the cuts to hurt. Is this anyway to run a government? No. While crying over the cuts the federal government proves it can’t really handle anything very well. They just want you to send them some more taxes.

Please remember that the same people who have brought you the stupid furloughs at the FAA are also trying to put into effect the crazy and inefficient ObamaCare law. Costs have skyrocketed, exchanges are doomed, the Death Panels are getting ready to portion out the limited bypass surgeries done by the limited doctors (due to predicted shortages). Fewer and fewer doctors will take Medicare and Medicaid and the government doctors will be furloughed in the middle of a bird flu epidemic. Welcome to the wonderful future of ObamaCare!


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Questions on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2013

To the Wife of Tamerlin Tsarniev:

When the pictures were released late on Thursday afternoon, did you immediately call the authorities? Did your parents call the authorities?

When you heard the news that the bombs were made of pressure cookers, did you wonder why your husband and his brother had so many pressure cookers around the apartment? Did this make you wonder? Did you call the authorities?

It has been said that you knew nothing because you were working 80 hours weeks recently? Do you think the money you earned was used to buy the supplies to kill your fellow Americans?

To the Mosques that Tamerlin attended:

Did you call the authorities when the pictures were released?

To the FBI and Homeland Security:

Why does Janet Napolitano always say there is no evidence that this goes deeper? Always. How can she say there is not deeper plot or group when it is so early in the investigation? She is not believable.

Why didn’t you cross check the pictures for those with files in the Boston area? Didn’t Tamerlin have a file? Were you really busy checking out the known members of the Tea Party instead of the known members of Islamic extremists?

How was the investigation into Tarmerlin dropped while he was in Russia/Chechnya/Dagestan?

Where is the funding for the brothers coming from? Always follow the money.

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Boston’s Mayor and the Marathon Bombing

Posted by madjillmom on April 19, 2013

I have a hard time watching Mayor Mushmouth Menino give his part of the press conferences on the Boston Marathon Bombing. Remember when the biggest problem he saw in Boston was kicking out Chik-Fil-A restaurants for their founder’s view on gay marriage. It is hard to take him seriously.

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Janet Napolitano and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by madjillmom on April 16, 2013

Just a few hours after she comes out and tells us that even though we don’t really know anything, this bombing is not part of anything bigger, the news tells us that a Mississippi Senator may have received a poisonous substance in his mail. Way to go, Homeland Security!

A further thought:  The authorities are reporting that the bombs were made of pressure cookers with shot/shrapnel added. They have also said that the pressure cookers were attached to a board.  Most pressure cookers are a big pot. Add metal stuff, bomb stuff, and a board and you have something that is hard for one person to carry.  Now, can one person carry two of these easily?  Probably not. That makes me think that the bombing was done by more than one person. So how does Janet think that this is not part of something bigger.

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Boston Terrorism and the White House

Posted by madjillmom on April 16, 2013

Why is there such a difference in the President’s reaction to this terror attack? Almost immediately he was on the TV screen, picture of him meeting with his intelligence people, a second speech where he used the word “terrorism”. What is the difference? He has already won election to a second term. They know they can’t act like Benghazi. Still they talk of getting to the bottom of it, making the perpetrators pay, just like in Benghazi. We are still waiting for lots of answers and arrests on Benghazi. He won’t be able to fool us with double-talk again, so he won’t try this time.

Of course, already, Congressman Steny Hoyer has told us that the reason this happened is because of Sequestration.

Now even Lil’ Sis/Janet Napolitano has come out and told us that this isn’t part of something bigger. How can she know this? She always jumps the gun, speaks too soon. You can’t fool us with this stuff. No one know what this is yet. I guess she didn’t get the memo.



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Maggie Thatcher and Annette Funicello, RIP

Posted by madjillmom on April 8, 2013

It is a sad day. Maggie Thatcher has died. Haters are hating, and those who loved her are remembering a great woman. The saddest thing I feel about Maggie Thatcher is how quickly all her work was reversed by the massive welfare state that exists in the UK and all of Europe today. She could only stem the tide.

I wonder if she and Annette were standing in line at the Pearly Gates chatting as St. Peter checked on their entry passes. It makes a funny picture in my mind.

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Richer than California

Posted by madjillmom on April 1, 2013

I take some kind of pleasure that I am richer than the entire state of California. I’m pretty sure I am richer than Illinois and California put together.

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