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Janet Napolitano and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by madjillmom on April 16, 2013

Just a few hours after she comes out and tells us that even though we don’t really know anything, this bombing is not part of anything bigger, the news tells us that a Mississippi Senator may have received a poisonous substance in his mail. Way to go, Homeland Security!

A further thought:  The authorities are reporting that the bombs were made of pressure cookers with shot/shrapnel added. They have also said that the pressure cookers were attached to a board.  Most pressure cookers are a big pot. Add metal stuff, bomb stuff, and a board and you have something that is hard for one person to carry.  Now, can one person carry two of these easily?  Probably not. That makes me think that the bombing was done by more than one person. So how does Janet think that this is not part of something bigger.


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