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Head of IRS visits White House Way Too Much

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2013

Hard to not start to believe that the White House had input into the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS when the head of the IRS made more visits to the White House than anyone else over the time the IRS was persecuting conservative groups.

Only other explanation I could believe is that he was having an affair with someone in the White House.


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Illegal Immigrants and Welfare Abuse

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2013

Yesterday, Fox News ran a piece on food stamps in Florida. It featured a 50-year-old woman, mother of 5, who came to this country by swimming across the Rio Grande. She has received some kind of assistance for all those 20 years, including some kind of Social Security payment. Why does she receive anything? How will she apply for amnesty is she has spent 20 years on the government dole? I suspect the government will look the other way when she signs up for citizenship.

This is the major problem with immigration reform. I do want something to be done, yet I get real mad when I hear about this type of abuse of the system. Sen. Rubio needs to look in his backyard to see why we don’t need more illegal immigrants gaming the system. If you have spent a great deal of your time here on the government dole, you shouldn’t get the benefits of immigration reform.

This is on top of two other stories in the press regarding Massachusetts giving benefits for dead people in the 2 million dollar range and New Jersey giving prisoners an astonishing amount of benefits they weren’t eligible for.

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Government Lies and Your Privacy

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2013

It is great to know that the federal government and the Justice Department can lie about me to a judge in order to obtain my private email and phone records. Ask James Rosen at Fox News.

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The IRS, Resignations, and Lois Lerner

Posted by madjillmom on May 22, 2013

Today, Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th before the House Committee. Jay Carney was asked why she still has a job. Carney says the President thinks it is better to get to the bottom of the facts before firing people. What changed since last week? Last week, the President was “outraged” and demanded the resignation of the Acting head of the IRS. He didn’t know the facts last week either. After all, he just learned about the scandal the Friday before. He made the stupid head of the IRS a sacrificial lamb without knowledge of who, what, or why on this IRS scandal. He fired a guy two weeks before that guy was leaving anyway. Oh, but this week, he can’t do anything without all the facts. Get your stories straight, Jay and Barack.

Could Lois Lerner have more info that can’t come out? Is she guaranteed a paycheck as long as she keeps her mouth shut? Or is she the newest sacrificial lamb turning on the spit, basting while the White House gets it act together?

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Fox News James Rosen and the Boston Bombers

Posted by madjillmom on May 22, 2013

If our oversized Government or Obama Administration had issued as many secret subpoenas on the Tsarniev brothers as they have done on the Fox Reporter, perhaps some grief and maiming could have been avoided.

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The IRS “Audit” Report

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2013

I have been reading the time-line on the IRS Scandal Audit Report. I have looked at the report. It is barely an investigation. The Audit took over a year, almost a year and a half. It is less than 50 pages and only says some stuff was being done, yet not who directed the actions that resulted in the persecution of conservative groups.

Can someone tell me why it took so long to put out such a small report with no blame put on actual people? Was the Treasury IG dragging his feet, very slow, or really incompetent? Or was he part of a government so big it just can’t be responsive? The IRS certainly was responsive to the calls from Dems and the President to give an anal exam to conservative groups.

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More Lies from the Obama Administration

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2013

Dan Pfeiffer came on all the Sunday morning shows. To him, the law is irrelevant, the whereabouts of Pres. Obama during the 9/11 Benghazi attacks is really irrelevant, and the Republicans are all at fault. Credibility of the talking heads around Obama is way down, so we need to send out someone new. Pfeiffer wasn’t able to tell the truth, just like Susan Rice eight months ago.

Pfeiffer jumped on the claim that some nefarious Republican altered the memos the White House put out last week. The claim is that these memos were “put out” months ago and no one saw anything bad in them. These selected memos were not put out till last week. Staffers, Senators, and Congressmen were allowed to see the memos, but not have copies, several months ago. The access was very limited so some staffer or Congressman was only able to remember the memo. The alteration was minor, and the spirit of the original memo was preserved. If the White House actually made the memo available, this would not have happened.

The White House like to tell us that 25,000 pages have been put out. The MSM press should have been screaming bloody murder that the pages were not put out, but once again only made available for certain people, for a short period of time.

During one of these limited access times, someone said that Hillary Clinton signed one of the requests for extra security from Benghazi. Quickly they told us that it was not an actual signature and did not mean that she knew about the requests. Yet, the memo was not released, because it will make Hillary look bad.

Don’t just put out the 100 emails you think make you look good, put out the 25,000 you claim you have put out.

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Tea Parties Targeted by Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 16, 2013

Is it any wonder that some mysterious people in the IRS took action to stop Tea Party groups? Obama spent a good deal of his first year railing against “teabaggers” and those people waving tea bags around. He made it clear that they were a not welcome voice of limited government and too high taxes.  Dems all throughout government told us that the Tea Party people are racists. Some of those same Democrats that lied about the Tea Party probably asked the IRS to investigate them. Now those same Dems are telling us how awful this action by the IRS was.

Remember when the Palin PAC put targets on a map and the media blamed her for the Gabby Giffords shooting rampage? President Obama put a target on the Tea Party and conservative groups and he is now so surprised that the IRS mysteriously developed memos targeting these conservative groups. If Palin caused the Giffords shooting, then Pres. Obama caused the “rogue” IRS employees to shoot down conservative groups.

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Stop Impeachment Talk

Posted by madjillmom on May 15, 2013

Dear Republicans:

Stop talking about impeachment. It will not serve the cause. Put your heads down and get some work done as well as investigating the scandals. But stop talking of impeachment. The MSM will make this about you if you don’t stop.

Let it all play out. Please.




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The IRS and a Very Slow Refund

Posted by madjillmom on May 15, 2013

While the IRS has been busy giving long drawn out anal exams to conservative groups, the refund department is moving quite slowly on one son’s refund. We are at 50+ days. E-filed and accepted two days after another son’s return was e-filed. That refund came in about 20 days. No need in calling until 60 days is past. Someone call Jack Lew and see what is up. By the way, where is Jack Lew? Why haven’t we heard from him on this IRS thing?

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